The Village of Mariemont is excited to announce a new solution to yearly waste fee billing.  The Village will be joining the ranks of many Cincinnati communities who partner with Greater Cincinnati Water Works for monthly waste fee billing.  Moving to a small monthly, rather than large yearly, fee will avoid many of the headaches and resident complaints that we have heard over the years.  Collection for outstanding amounts is handled by Greater Cincinnati Water Works who can be contacted through their website,by or by phone at 513-591-7700.

The use and sale of garbage stickers will remain as is, this change only applies to the yearly waste fee that had been collected by the Tax Department.

Starting in July of this year you will see a line item on your water bill for a monthly waste fee.  The waste fee will be based upon a simple proration of the existing yearly fee.  The fees will be based upon the Hamilton County Auditor’s record of the property “type.” Please see the fee schedule below:

Auditor Property Type Number of Units Total Monthly Fee
Single family homes 1 $ 8.33
Two family homes 2 $ 16.66
Three family homes 3 $ 24.99
Condos (individually addressed) 1 $ 8.33
Condos (multi-unit bldgs.) actual $ 5.83/per unit
Apartments 4-19 units actual $ 5.83/per unit
Apartments 20+ units actual $ 5.83/per unit

Those properties that do not use Mariemont for waste collection should see no fee on their bill.  Failing to remit the fee will function in the same way as failing to pay your water bill, with GCWW responsible for pursuing the outstanding charges.

GCWW customers who turn their water service off and on due to occupancy changes will not incur waste fees for the months the water service is off.  Landlords who pay water bills for their tenants may choose to pass this fee on to tenants or absorb the cost.

If you have any questions or would like the monthly waste fee suspended due to protracted vacancy please call the Village at 513-271-3246, option 3 or email with your request.