Village of Mariemont residents, property owners, and businesses have not only a unique small community to live and work in, but also the uncommon convenience of its own Building Department. The Building Department is responsible for informing and enforcing the Village of Mariemont Zoning Code as well as all applicable Ohio building codes for permit compliance and final certification upon project completion. Flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of residents, design professionals, and contractors is a major department goal.

A collaborative attitude has helped create a positive atmosphere wherein contractors and design professionals actually look forward to working in the Village. The Village of Mariemont Building Department’s willingness to help facilitate work rather than be an obstacle has been a major factor in continued growth and improvement of our built environment.

Building Department applications, forms, and documents are available online. Please click the appropriate document title below to proceed. The applications can be filled out online. Once the application is completed you may print, save, and submit the forms as required.

Building Department FAQ

Building Department Forms

Minimum Heat Requirements

It shall be the duty of every person who shall have contracted or undertaken to furnish heat for any building or portion thereof, occupied as a home or place of residence of one or more persons, to heat or to furnish heat for every occupied room in such building, or portion thereof, so that a minimum temperature of seventy (70) degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Centigrade) may be maintained therein between the hours of 6:00 am and 11:00 pm and a minimum temperature of sixty-four (64) degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Centigrade) between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 pm of each day whenever the outer or street temperature shall fall below fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Centigrade).

Wireless Communications Facilities Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines for Wireless Communications Facilities (for O-15-20)