Resident Committee to Review Fire/EMS Proposals

  • Purpose: the purpose of this charter is to create a committee made up of Mariemont residents who will review and provide their recommendations and suggestions on how we should proceed with our Fire/EMS Department.
  • Reason for creating Task Force: Mariemont is facing significant fiscal challenges. Before we ask residents to increase their taxes, we believe we should review every savings opportunity possible.  One of those opportunities is to possibly work with the Little Miami Fire Department (LMFD) to develop shared services for Fire and EMS between the two organizations while still providing the same or better level of protection.
  • Reporting relationship to council: the members of this committee will be appointed by the Mayor and Council. They will have access to whatever resources are necessary, including a Fire/EMS consultant that Council has agreed to hire to provide his expert opinion on what opportunities might exist.
  • Number of members and any key skills or representation we are looking for: the committee will be made up of 5-7 residents. We will look for appropriate diversity within the committee (age, male/female, north of the Pike and south of the Pike).  We will also look for people who can be objective in assessing the different options and offering a recommendation or suggestion.
  • Roles and responsibilities: after assessing all of the options and taking into account the Village’s current fiscal challenges, the committee will provide their recommendation and suggestions on how we should proceed with our Fire/EMS Department. To be clear, the final decision rests with Council.
  • Any boundaries: the committee should be focused on just the Fire/EMS Department. We are not assessing any other departments at this time.  If they have a recommendation that has not been suggested by anyone else, they can ask that it be assessed by the Fire/EMS consultant as well.
  • Expected outcome: a final written recommendation to the Mayor and Council on how the Village should proceed with its Fire/EMS Department, along with their reasoning.
  • Timeline: the committee would go into effect once all the members have been identified. Council will collect whatever data it can to help the committee get up to speed.  We are targeting for the Fire/EMS consultant to be complete with his work by the end of September.  The committee will hopefully complete their work soon after the Fire/EMS consultant completing his report.  Once the committee has provided its recommendation, it will then be disbanded.

Click HERE to read the proposal from Fire/EMS consultant, Kramer & Associates.

Fire/EMS Resident Committee Members:

  1. Matt Ayer
  2. Tom Boecher
  3. Bill Herkamp
  4. Stephen Lewis
  5. Katie Mace
  6. Tracie Wichman
  7. Dennis Wolter

Video Archive of Meetings:

August 30, 2021

October 4, 2021



As of October 11, 2021, the Fire/EMS Resident Committee has been disbanded by a unanimous vote by the Council members at the 10/11/2021 meeting.

Click HERE to read the recommendations from the Fire/EMS Resident Committee. 

Click HERE to read the report from Kramer & Associates.