Celebrate the Centennial with Family Activities

To celebrate our deep heritage and to foster an appreciation and exploration of our Village history and unique assets, the Mariemont Preservation Foundation along with the Mariemont Centennial Committee have put together a number of centennial activities.  These activities are designed to encourage individuals and families to get out into the Village this centennial year and learn about what makes Mariemont so special.  These activities will be published in the Town Crier throughout the year and are available in the pop-up box on the on the Village website at www.mariemont.org




Valentine’s Day Activity:


Mary Emery is a Role Model for Community & Generosity

Mary Emery was a remarkable woman in her time.  She became an important American philanthropist, who quietly and generously supported Cincinnati.  Mrs. Emery saw it as her responsibility to take care of her neighbors.  She helped provide for the community through her support of Children’s Hospital, the Cincinnati Art Museum, our zoo and many other organizations. She is best known for her vision, support, and creation of a “national exemplar” community —Mariemont– to provide high quality housing for the many factory workers living in unsanitary housing conditions in downtown Cincinnati.

In celebration of Mariemont’s Centennial this year, and in the spirit of Mrs. Emery’s generosity and focus on community, we invite everyone in Mariemont to share their love. Please consider doing a random act of kindness for a neighbor you know, or one you would like to know better. Perhaps you can drop off a home-baked item, a small plant, maybe shovel a walkway, or bring in trash bins.  Let your neighbors know they are loved and appreciated.

Parents of students, please consider discussing more about Mary Emery (https://mariemontpreservation.org/the-founding-of-mariemont/) with your children and encourage them to participate too, by doing a random act of kindness for a neighbor or friend.

Please use the attached graphics and instructions to participate and let’s spread the love!


–Mariemont Centennial Committee

Spread the Love

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  • Make two additional copies of this paper.
  • Within two days, secretly deliver copies of these instructions along with a treat bag or do something special for two of your neighbors.
  • Cut out the note below the instructions and include it with your treat.
  • Look for someone who hasn’t been “Loved” yet.
  • If you have been “Loved,” cut out the “I AM Loved” Heart and place it prominently at your door to show that you have been “Loved.”


Download the instructions/note/heart HERE.